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Based on the negative real zeros of the Digamma function an alternative representation of the Riemann density function J(x) is provided where its critical (oscillating) sum is replaced by two non-oscillating sums, both enjoying the required asymptotics O(square root of x), which proves the Riemann Hypothesis.

The specific common properties of the real negative zeros of the Digamma function and the imaginary part of the only complex valued zeros of a specific Kummer function allow the definition of corresponding weighted „retarding“ sequences fulfilling the Kadec condition. This enables the full power of non-harmonic Fourier series theory on the periodic L(2) Hilbert space with its relation to the Paley-Wiener space. In line with the proof of the RH those sequences allow a split of the Riemann density function J(x) into a sum of two number theoretical non-harmonic Fourier series, each of them governing one of two unit half-circles. Those two independent distribution functions can be applied to pick pairs of primes by two independent random variables, overcoming current challenges proving asymptotics of binary number problems.


Braun K., A Digamma function based proof of the RH and a nonharmonic Fourier series based two-semi-circle method to solve additive number theory problems

                                             August 25, 2021


Braun K., A Bessel function based proof that the Euler constant is irrational

                                             December 2, 2021

Supporting papers


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Further supporting data


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