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a new ground state energy model enabling continuous spectra complementary to a kinematical energy model with discrete spectra

papers 2011-2017


Braun K. , A new ground state energy model

                                      August 18, 2013

Braun K., An alternative Schroedinger (Calderon) momentum operator enabling a quantum gravity model

                                              Dec 2017


Braun K., Comparison table, math. modelling frameworks for SMEP and GUT

                                              May 2017


Braun K., Unusual Hilbert or Hoelder space frames for the elementary particles transport (Vlasov) equation

                                              Feb 2018


Braun K.,The Prandtl (hyper singular integral) operator with double layer potential

                                              April 2016


Braun K.,Some commutator properties


Braun K., An idea for a quantum gravitation theory, Nov. 2010


Braun K., A quantum gravity and ground state energy Hilbert space model

                                               Dec 2013


Riesz operators and rotations


Music melodies signals between red and white noise


Einstein A., Ether and the theory of relativity


Einstein A., The World as I See it


Einstein A., The meaning of relativity


Stein E. M., Conjugate harmonic functions in several variables


Stankewicz J., Quarternion algebras and modular forms


June 2013, Quantum gravity model related mathematical areas


Braun K., Quantum gravity 2011-2015


Braun K., earlier 2020 data, about a fractional quantum field energy Hilbert space


Braun K., Quantum gravity, the form-fit-function vision, Dec. 2015